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Deal me in!

Christ Church, Moscow, operates two publishing ministries. They call one of them Canon Press, and they call the other Credenda/Agenda (C/A), a self-styled “Trinitarian journal” edited by Douglas Wilson. C/A has a regular column called “Cave of Adullam: Mutterings on the Regnant Follies,” which is dedicated to poking fun at the quirks and foibles of “modern evangelical” churches.

Of course C/A assumes that Christ Church is above such folly and that they would never degrade the gospel or find themselves in the position of being mocked. To be sure, the “Cave of Adullam” leaves the impression that Christ Church has never been scandalized at all. In fact, a recent issue of C/A ended the “Cave of Adullam,” saying,

Still Bored
We repeat. Our pickings for satire fodder are getting more and more tiresome.
       Youth groups. Church growth. Modern art. Homo high-jinks. Why can’t someone get a little edgy? (vol.15, 4)

To this end, therefore, dougsplotch will document Christ Church’s “edgy” role in the Morton Street Casino and hopefully provide C/A’s editorial staff with more “satire fodder.” And since self-righteous people tend to disgust everyone but themselves, dougsplotch has adopted the look of,[1] the fruit of Douglas Wilson’s ministry. However, unlike hatesplotch, dougsplotch contains no falsehoods or misrepresentations. The story is shocking, but every word of it is true.

[1] Doug Wilson’s son-in-law Ben Merkle (also a professor at New St. Andrews College) uploaded in response to the public’s outrage over Wilson’s booklet Southern Slavery, As It Was. Wilson used hatesplotch to pelt the community with insults and contempt, instead of acting like an honorable minister of the gospel and taking responsibility for his screed. They eventually pulled hatesplotch off of the web, without apology, not long after the emergence of dougsplotch.