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When Douglas Wilson cancelled the bettors’ debts and ordered the young gamblers to pay back their winnings to the house, he did it in the name of Christ Church. In other words, Christ Church assumed ultimate responsibility for all monies in the “gambling fiasco.” This of course created the aforementioned “pastoral snarl,” because after six months not one debtor fulfilled his obligation to the house.

But quite frankly, after six painstaking months of meticulous investigation, Detective Wilson had had enough. Despite “chasing down every lead he could,” he just couldn’t solve the case of the Morton Street Casino. Perhaps this explains why he needed only 13 words to document the findings of his comprehensive inquiry: “Rather than sort this out, we would like to simply give you the money” (below).

And after deep reflection, prayerful meditation, and profound biblical arguments, the Christ Church elders voted to pillage the church treasury to “pay off the gambling debt.” Yes, they robbed God to pay . . . well, to pay off. The vote was unanimous. Dr. Roy Atwood was even a voting member of the board. But despite their undivided consent and their clean consciences, the Christ Church elders forgot to inform the congregation of the payoff.

On May 30, 2002, Douglas Wilson wrote the following letter to the casino house (it was the first communication between the two men since they exchanged emails on April 10, 2002), and with one stroke of the pen, he turned Anselm House into Anselm Casino House.

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“So rather than sort this out, we would like to simply give you the money.” — Detective Douglas Wilson


Rather than sort this out

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“When people sin, everybody has to pay.” — Pastor Douglas Wilson


When people sin, everybody has to pay.

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